With top international photographer Amy Ward
(includes make-up artists)

If you have excellent skin (completely smooth and clear) you are welcome to book a free photo session at Award Studio.  The sessions are usually 3-4 hours and you must arrive 5 minutes early and stay for the entire time. Our make-up artists are trained in the latest camera make-up techniques including HD and airbrushing.  When they are in their advanced classes we bring in actors, models and musicians for them to work on to build their make-up portfolios. The only thing you pay for is $50 for a CD of all your best images in high resolution. You can use these for head shots, websites, etc. We use a professional lab and they include color balancing and minimal retouching. There is a $5 fee to have the CD mailed to you about 3-4 weeks after the photo session. You are required to pay the $55 on the day of the photo shoot. The lab only takes cash, so please come prepared with the exact amount. You will have your make-up done by 2-3 artists, wearing different clothing for each one.  Photos will be taken of each look.  Please email recent photo to to be considered.

To be considered for our fashion shoots on location you must be slim (size 2-6) and have a great fashion face.  If you feel you qualify please email a recent un-retouched full length photo with statistics to and please be sure to include your name and phone number.

Come with no make-up on but with hair camera ready. You can do minor hair changes between outfits if you wish, as long as they are quick changes.  Bring 4-5 outfits (no white).  The sessions are mostly shot in natural daylight, but the studio is also available. Midweek we shoot actors' head shots and 3/4 lifestyle shots.  On the weekends we shoot fashion and beauty.

The photographer is Amy Ward who has worked internationally for Vogue, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, etc. The only reason she is doing free photo sessions is because they are for the make-up artists that she has trained. This enables the make-up artists to build their portfolios and you can get great photos for actorís headshots and modeling.

By law the photographer automatically holds the copyright to photographs they take. The photographer, models, actors and make-up artists have the right to use these pictures for personal promotion in the form of portfolios, business cards, zed cards, head shots and their website. The photographer, Amy Ward, can also use the photographs for brochures, books, training videos and magazines to promote her work and Award Studio. The models, actors and make-up artists may not give or sell the photographs to be used in advertising for another company, editorial or other publication without first getting written permission from the photographer, since she holds the copyright. You must read this before booking a photo session. By booking a photo session it means you agree to these terms.

Your Responsibilities After Award Studio Has Booked You For A Photo Session

Once Amy has emailed you with the shoot date and you agree then be sure to mark your calendar 7 days before to call and confirm.  This is very important.  If you canít keep the appointment you must call and give as much notice as possible - at least 7 days.  Many of the make-up artists fly in from all over the world to build their portfolios.  So it is essential that we have the right number of models/actors for each artist.  If you didnít show up there would be a make-up artist with no one to work on.  You must take the responsibility to call seven days ahead to confirm and to let us know well in advance if you have to cancel.  If you have to cancel at the last minute you must send us someone to take your place.  This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get some great photos, with make-up application included, at no charge. But we do require that you take responsibility for everything listed above.  And you must be on time.

  Please print out this information so you have all the details. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

*Confirm 7 days in advance, by leaving a message stating your name, date, time and phone number. We do not call back.

*Arrive 10 minutes early with no make-up on, hair camera ready, 4-5 outfits (no white)

*On the day of your shoot all photography is done by Amy Ward. You may not bring your own camera to Award Studio.

Portfolio and list of credits of photographer Amy Ward

Photos from our fashion location shoot

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